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Scott Morgan Photography

In addition to providing a great photography service for your next big event,  We also offer these other services.

     Damaged Photo Repair.-  Do you have an old photo of family that has been damaged in some way?  Let our imaging techs see if they can fix it.  The original photo will be returned along with a new print.  The cost varies depending on the the size of the photo and the extent of the damage. Most images will fall between $5.00 and $30.00 plus shipping.

     35mm Black and White film Developing.-  We hand develop each roll of 35mm Black and white film to your Specifications.  Need the roll “pushed” or “Pulled” a stop? We can do it.  Cost is $6.00 per roll.  We use D-76 developer.

     35mm Film scanning.  -  Have some wonderful family memories capture on 35mm film?  We can scan them with our High quality 35mm film scanner and send the images back to you on a CD. Cost is $5.00/5 or 6 frame strip, or $10.00 For a roll of up to 36 frames.  Memory cards or Flash drives are available for an additional cost.

   Projector and screen rental. -  These are great at life event parties to project images of the honored person on a large screen for all to see.  Rental is $250 if the event is with in 60 miles of the 96050 area code. And I will be there to set up and take down.